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Septiembre 2012
Label Expo Americas - Chicago 2012

En el pasado mes de Septiembre, Leftech Group participo activamente del evento mas importante del mundo en lo que a impresion de etiquetas se refiere. En la muestra se dieron cita todas las fabricas del sector y se exhibieron las ultimas novedades e innovaciones del sector.

Más info

Maquina serigrafica SPS


  • Línea Serigráfica para Barniz Sectorizado y/o Impresión SPS© UV Speedster2
    • Sistema STOP, no Oscilante de ultima generación y máxima performance.
    • Velocidad de Impresión: 4000 pliegos hora.
    • Formato Máximo de Papel : 750 (Ancho) x 1.060 (Largo) mm



 UV Spot Coating Screen Printing Line


  • Original SPS® STOP Cylinder Principle™ for dot-to-dot registration - regardless of running speed
  • multi-functional rear pick-up feeder SPS® AUTOFEED EP with tree-way pile access, with stream and single sheet mode; double sheet detection; feeder belt table with vacuum belt system
  • advanced offset-type TP HD feeder separator head; independent pick-up and forward suckers for safe sheet separation; with enhanced compressed air assisted adjustments for sheet separation; with sheet skew function (controlled turning at transfer)
  • safe vacuum side guides on A and B side; central side positioning, externally accessible
  • precision ground and polished stainless steel cylinder base, equipped with vacuum and blow-back
  • opto-electronic sheet lay detection, connected to no-print and autostop functions
  • hinged screen carrier in swivel-up version for easy screen cleaning and set-up; centralized pneumatic frame clamping and position lock-in
  • heavy-duty PEH squeegee bridge with pneumatic lift to tilt into cleaning and set-up position; pneumatic / hydraulic pressure control, centralized setting and read-out; controlled squeegee actuation, synchronized operation over the full speed range; gripper margin (set point, print start) centrally adjustable
  • UV varnishing equipment package:

- additional stainless steel cover plates on machine stand

- swivel drip pan under the squeegee bridge (manual)

- splash guards on screen carrier (infeed and outlet)

- dripless squeegee version

- stainless steel flood coater with lateral varnish guides

- additional program functions:

  • o print and stop with squeegee in print height
  • o no flood stroke after no-sheet detection
  • vacuum delivery belt, divided in two segments; exit belt segment as drop-down unit, for easy access to the print screen; adjustable sheet deflector guides; SPS® synchroline package: sheet delivery with automatic belt speed adjustment to dryer infeed and functional synchronization with SPS® dryer
  • integrated modem for on-line service data transfer
  • stainless steel side paneling

Sincronizacion de los equipos con variacion de vlocidad para optima performance a menor costo en el secado UV - Aspiracion ajustable en la mesa de transporte que reduce el requerimiento de rodillos o bolas de retencion - Registracion mediante sistema de tres puntos de maxima presicion y marcadores



SPS® UV2+C  UV Curing Unit with Sheet Cooling

  • smooth sheet transfer from connected press; free conveyor infeed with vacuum hold-down, extended length for UV varnish flow-out
  • pneumatic fold-down belt, attached to the dryer infeed - to open passage between press and dryer
  • UV curing station with 2 radiators in special elliptic aluminum reflectors for optimum UV output

-       lamps for individual operation, three selectable UV power steps each

-       quartz filter shields underneath the reflectors as dust, contact and heat protection

-       separated UV radiator / reflector air cooling

-       cooling air guides connected to the radiator / reflector units, generating focused air streams to reduce the temperature build-up on the substrate surface during the curing process

  • optical sheet pass detection with UV shut-down in case of sheet jam, with print autostop
  • side hinged section hood, risible for cleaning and inspection



SPS® AUTOSTACK 2                                                                                

Automatic Sheet Stacker

  • take-over belt system with precise traction; belt drive with adjustable speed for reliable sheet transfer
  • automatic sheet positioning by side edge adjuster flaps, photocell-actuated by sheet transfer detection; side flaps and front stop adjustable to sheet format
  • front edge oriented alignment of shorter sheet formats to the pile carrier board (pallet etc.)
  • sheet corrugation device on infeed: set of guide rollers to be used with thin substrates to warp and
    stabilize the incoming sheets
  • adjustable control mirror for pile supervision
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